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“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.


EQ is the key to Thriving in a Changing World & The Ultimate Path to Personal and Professional Growth!

A study at Harvard University showed that 95% of successful business owners have a high Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

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Gain insight into how emotional intelligence works and learn how to use it effectively in personal and professional settings.These four training videos plus a bonus never before taught methodology on EQ nest together in a powerful mini curriculum.

Over an Hour of Coaching

Kachelle is your EQ coach and instructor and with you every step along your new journey. She will teach you the research, show you the pillars, and give you the how.

A 25 Page Companion Workbook

This workbook will help you apply what you learn in the trainings into your own life & business, equipping you to move from self reflection to action. It’s filled with powerful exercises.


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Master Your Emotions. Master Your Life!

Master Your Emotions. Master Your Life!

Mass shootings, bullying, increasing desensitization, breakdowns in businesses, corporations, families, marriages, relationships, friendships, and even law enforcement- it all points back to one thing: the lack of EQ!!

Just imagine a world where everyone has a better understanding of their emotions and those of others. More empathy, better communication, less strife – it’s possible with emotional intelligence. And that’s why I believe it should be part of our mainstream culture, not just limited to schools and psychologists.

Starting right now – yes, right now! – you can take the steps to boost your EQ today. Join me now, 100% free. I launched this zero-cost coaching program as a way to thank you YOU for being here with me and letting me be a part of your life.

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4 Exclusive Trainings + 1 Bonus

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“You can not build a business, bigger than you build yourself!”

– Marcus Y. Rosier



Houston native, passionate about empowering successful entrepreneurs and professionals to master their emotions and lives through Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

As a sought-after corporate trainer, transformational speaker, and bestselling author, with expertise in DEI, Leadership, and EQ, she is determined to make EQ mainstream, believing it is the key to thriving in a changing world, BEGINNING WITH YOU!

Kachelle Kelly Day

First female in Personal and Professional Development to receive her own day, August 25th, in Houston, Texas, by Mayor Annise Parker.

Proud Dog Mom

Kachelle is a proud dog mom to Eazy and Ella, and though she lost Eli in 2020, his memory lives on in her heart. Kachelle also cherishes her lifelong friendships and is eager to connect with new people.


Creator of the Self-published Boss Pray series that has sold over 100K copies organically, without paid marketing.


Trusted by Fortune 500 brands to train staff in all 50 states, sharing EQ knowledge in corporations for over 5 years.


Over 12 years of training and speaking at conferences & companies around the world.


Certified in DEI, EQ + a member of the National Minority Supplier Development Council and HUB.

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